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Cable Services: 701-252-2225, 845-4383
       Toll Free: 800-532-8645
CSi Computers: 701-252-1835
KCSI-TV Studio: 701-252-2400
24/7 Internet Help: 800-352-8156
Payment Locations:
U.S. Mail:  P.O. Box 1995, Jamestown, ND 58402-1995  
In person: 308 2nd St SW, Jamestown, ND
Drop Box:  CSi, 308 2nd St SW, Jamestown, ND
Drop Box:  CSi, 355 2nd St NE, Valley City, ND 
CSi E-mail:     General CSi Email or CSi Internet Info 
24hr Internet Tech Support Email: helpdesk@24hoursupport.com
Internet Tech Support Web: www.24hoursupport.com
Equip Return: 308 2nd St SW, Jamestown, ND 
Equip Return: 355 2nd St NE, Valley City, ND
UPS/Fed Ex:   308 2nd St SW, Jamestown, ND  58401
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