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With CSi Cable - Don't Worry - we have you covered!

You've heard a lot about the "DTV transition" and the "end of analog TV".  Don't worry, CSi is receiving the over-the-air broadcast stations and converting them to the proper format so your analog TV will continue to work.   We are carrying the digital signals NOW, converting them back to analog for you, and we also have free digital HD of the area broadcast TV stations for 90+ MAX Cable TV viewers in Jamestown and Valley City.   See the guide for your city.  

NO - you don't have to buy a new TV - with CSi Cable,  every analog TV connected to CSi Cable will work fine!

If you use or plan to use a roof-top TV antenna to receive the over-the-air broadcast TV stations in ND area, you need to know:

  • You will need a UHF capable TV antenna,  a digital TV set, or a digital to analog converter box.   Reception of uhf signal is difficult, and the "tv antenna" installers are scarce.  

  • You can have CSi Cable TV installed to provide TV service to that TV set not currently connected to CSi Cable now.  We charge only for the time & materials for the work, with no extra monthly fee for those extra TVs in the home.  Call us for details. Far less expensive than buying a new TV set. 

TV stations KVLY and KRDK will under a transition in late 2017 to new over the air UHF channels per FCC requirements.   This will only affect viewers using roof-top antennas.   For more information, visit the web pages for the local stations.