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Modems - Rent or Buy

CSi High Speed and Economy Internet Services use a "Cable Modem" to provide an Ethernet or USB connection to: your computer, your hub to serve 2 computers, or your home router.  You are responsible for equipment after the modem.

Modems available for rent from CSi:

Standard Modem:  $4/mth plus tax

Modem with built in Wireless Router - has ethernet ports to serve wired devices and the wireless router will serve 5 notebooks in your home.  As more families now use multiple notebooks in a variety of locations around the house, this modem has become a very popular all-in-one option: $8/mth plus tax

When we install Internet Service, one of our Computer Technicians will assist you in the set-up of the Wireless Router functions of the CSi wireless modem if needed.  We recommend that you enable SECURITY upon setup to prevent others from stealing your bandwidth.

Why rent? 

CSi Cable selects modems that we know will work with our network now & into future.  Should we obsolete a model that we rent to you, we will replace it with a new model.  CSi provides no cost repair service on our rented modems.  We will replace the modem if it fails.  We take care of firmware upgrades and make sure it is working properly.  Okay, there is a charge if you use the modem as a hockey puck, throw it away, or don't return it when you move, but you won't do that.   Higher speed services , such as TURBO 50 & eXtreme 100 require use of Docsis 3 modem.  If you rent, we will exchange the rental unit if needed. 

Can I purchase a modem?

Yes. Approved & preregistered Modems are available for purchase from CSi Computers. Call 252-1835 or visit us at Historic Franklin 308 Second St SW Jamestown, ND.  CSi Computers is stocking the DG2460 Wireless Cable Modem. The best prices anywhere are at CSi Computers.    

Can I buy a modem from Big Box Stores or on the Internet?
Yes . . . but why pay more?  Modems purchased elsewhere - if on the approved list - need to be "registered" and "tested" at CSi before installation & use.  Registration fee is $10.  Before purchasing a "cable modem" be sure to consult the approved list, and compare pricing and features of modems for sale at CSi Computers.  CSi does not provide repair service or warranty service on modems purchased elsewhere.  If the modem is not on Approved List,  do not buy it.   We are finding the "test & approval process" to get to a point of knowing whether it will work or not may be longer than the return policy may allow if it does not work.    There is no purpose in trying to use an off-brand or untested modem.   Do NOT buy a Docsis 2 modem. 

Approved Modem List
Be wary of buying a modem from a person on the street, as it might be an unreturned or stolen modem.  Many old no longer supported modems are floating around on EBAY, so exercise caution. 
Customer owned modems are supported & serviced by the merchant where you purchased the modem.   Whoever sold it to you is your first place to go for support questions.   Do not buy a Docsis 2 modem.